Mil-I-46852 AA59163 electrical insulation tape self fusing silicone

The proprietary silicone formulation provides optimal thermal dispersion & contains
no flammable dyes.
High-Temperature Aviation Silicone Tape
FlameShield™ Aviation Silicone Tape
for Aviation & Avionics Wiring Use.
Non-flammable & self-extinguishing.
Aviation Silicone Tape is
Self-Fusing / Self-Bonding
and non-flammable.
FlameShield™ Avionics
Silicone Tape is available
in a 1" / 25mm and
1.5" / 37mm width.
Each roll contains
432" / 36' / 10.9m of tape.
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We Accept:
Type I is $34.71 per roll
Type II is $33.80 per roll

$6.00 per roll
$10.00 per lot / batch

Available in Oxide-Red and Black
Contact us for volume
discounts when
purchasing 10 rolls
or more
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Self fusing silicone tape Type 1 and type II Mil-I-46852 AA-59163